Yuru Camp is the Comfiest Slice of Life Anime Out There

Camping has never looked so good before.

The main Yuru Camp cast (Source: TheCinemaholic)

To be 100% transparent, I don’t go out of my way to watch many slice of life shows unless they have some drama or romance element that’s really interesting. Yuru Camp has neither, so why the heck did I fall in love with this show and believe that you (the person reading this) will also love it?

What is Yuru Camp about?

Short answer: Cute girls doing cute things.
Long answer: Five high school girls go on solo and group winter camping trips and it’s cute and entertaining.

That was straightforward. What’s so good about the show?

A bunch of things.

The big draw to Yuru Camp is how comfy it is to watch. Both the combination of the beautiful soundtrack and the stunning visuals amplify how relaxing it is to watch a group of girls enjoy camping. Takeshi Takadara is the sound director for the series and he has done a phenomenal job on the OST for both season 1 and 2. Some of his other great music work can be heard in shows such as Yowamushi Pedal and Cross Game.

I watched season 1 of Yuru Camp last year when I was sick for a week and I think it ended up being the perfect medicine to get me through it. I was wrapped in a warm blanket, had a cup of hot chocolate, and I sat there watching anime girls getting snug and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. When season 2 aired this year I ended up doing the same thing despite being healthy.

This is the kind of show you can watch when you’re feeling down, tired and stressed out, or just want a reason to smile. Whether you’re like me who enjoys binging entire shows in 1–2 days or you take your time watching one episode a day, Yuru Camp is enjoyable at whatever pace you go at. Season 1 has 12 episodes and season 2 has 13 episodes, so plan accordingly.

Rin Shima (Source: Reasons to Anime)

Yuru Camp has a really fun group of characters. The two main girls are definitely huge standouts.

  • Rin Shima is the cool, knowledgeable camping expert who prefers solo camping, but is slowly realizing the charm in group camping with the other girls. She likes peace and quiet, and sometimes she can show her more expressive side. She has the best facial expressions in the show.
  • Nadeshiko Kagamihara is extremely cheerful and energetic. She’s basically a camping super fan, though she’s still mostly a novice compared to Rin. Nadeshiko is the source for a lot of the funny and comedic moments in the show. I normally hate her type of character in other shows, but I don’t think I’d enjoy Yuru Camp as much without her interactions with the rest of the gang.

The voice acting cast for Yuru Camp is really damn good. I watch a few shows because I love a couple of the VAs’ performances in other shows and this one is no exception. A few of my personal favorites:

Nao Toyama- voices Rin Shima in this show. She’s well known for voicing Yui Yuigahama in Oregairu, Chitoge Kirisaki in Nisekoi, and Tomoe Kaga in Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai.
Rie Takahashi- voices Ena Saitou in this show. She’s well known for voicing Emilia in Re:Zero, Megumin in KonoSuba, and Mash Krielight in Fate/Grand Order.
Marina Inoue- voices Sakura Kagamihara in this show. She’s well known for voicing Armin Arlert in Attack on Titan, Tooka Yatogami in Date A Live, and Mai Zenin in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Where can I watch Yuru Camp?

Both season 1 and 2 are available on Crunchyroll. As far as I can see, this is the easiest way to watch the series right now.

Heya Camp is a short 12 episode spin-off that are 3 minutes each, which is also available on Crunchyroll. There isn’t anything in this that’s necessary to experience going from season 1 to 2 so it’s totally okay if you skip this.

There is also a Yuru Camp movie being set to release sometime in 2022! More details on that have yet to be announced.

Wrapping things up

Yuru Camp is a comfy show that can help improve your mood and maybe inspire you to go camping. There’s a scene in the show where Rin points out how Nadeshiko makes any food look so much tastier when she’s eating it. The same thing happened to me watching the girls go camping. I haven’t been camping in many years, but this show made me want to really try it out again sometime with friends.

Thanks for reading!

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