Kirby Super Star is Worth Your Time

Not only is it one of the most polished Kirby games, but it is one of the best SNES games out there.

Kirby Super Star box art (Source: MobyGames)

Why the heck am I suggesting a Kirby video game from the late 90s to random people on the internet? It’s simple. The game is really fun to play, has a lot of charm to it, and unlike some games from the same time period it has aged well. If you like Kirby games and haven’t played this one, you’re missing out. If you’ve never played a Kirby game then this is also a good one to start with.

I don’t have all day. What’s so good about it?

A bunch of things.

The big appeal to Kirby Super Star are the amount of different gameplay elements available. There are several different modes you can play, though you have to beat certain modes to unlock others. The different modes include:
Spring Breeze- It is essentially a remake of the original Kirby’s Dreamland with some levels blending together and a couple fights skipped. You could basically say you played KDL if you beat this mode.
Dyna Blade- A mode where you go through a few levels and confront the giant bird, Dyna Blade.
Gourmet Race- A racing game with King Dedede where the winner is determined by who gets the most points from eating food and what place they finish the race.
The Great Cave Offensive- A large metroidvania styled layout. There are lots of treasures to collect that are references to various Nintendo series and other works as well.
Revenge of Meta Knight- A slightly more story focused mode with Kirby trying to stop Meta Knight’s plans.
Milky Way Wishes- A unique story mode where Kirby starts with no power-ups, but is able to collect power-ups in each of the level and can freely switch to them whenever.
The Arena- A boss rush mode where you fight every boss in the game with limited resources.
Sub-games- Megaton Punch, where you see who can make a bigger crack in the planet and Samurai Kirby, where you see who can react first to hit their opponent at the correct time.

Another huge appeal for this game is that it feels really good to move in and do combat. I like new Kirby games a decent amount, but they sometimes feel a little slow. Kirby’s movement speed is a bit faster in this game and the power-ups help speed up Kirby a lot. Jet and Wing are both power-ups primarily used for vertical movement, but they perform very well horizontally as well. Wheel, of course, is fast on long stretches of ground. For combat, Plasma is well known for being very powerful if you can mash your controller’s dpad fast enough to shoot giant, powerful bursts of energy at enemies.

The Cook ability (Source: The Top 100 Blogs)

I could keep going on about all the different power-ups, but it’s fun to play around with all of them yourself. There are 25 unique copy abilities so there’s plenty of interesting things you can do!

I mentioned that a couple of the modes have some story to it, but honestly they’re nothing to write home about. Which in a game like this, that’s totally fine! If you’re playing a Kirby game for the story I don’t know what to tell you.

I don’t think Kirby games are known to be challenging and I don’t think this one is one I would call difficult either, but it’s definitely not a walk in the park. If you try to run into enemies trying to speed things up you’ll probably die.

How can I play Kirby Super Star now?

Thankfully, Kirby Super Star is available to play on more modern consoles so it’s easier to find. There are a few different options.
Nintendo Switch Online- Probably the most accessible way to play the game. If you have a Nintendo Switch you can subscribe to play this online and also play with other friends.
Super NES Classic- It’s one of the 21 games included in the console.
Wii U Virtual Console Store- If you still somehow have a Wii U, it is available on the VC shop.

Of course, if you have the original SNES then that’s always an option. You can still reasonably find the game on eBay or Amazon.

Isn’t there a remake for this game?

Yeah, there was an enhanced remake called Kirby Super Star Ultra that came out on the Nintendo DS. It features a couple more modes so if you want extra content then you might want to play this. However, in my opinion this remake is not as interesting because they do change how some power-ups work and the new modes don’t add a ton of value. On top of that, you can only play it if you have a DS or 3DS, which makes it a bit less inaccessible to general gamers.

Wrapping Up

Kirby Super Star is pretty cool. I enjoy randomly talking about games I like and want to help others get interested in them. I kept this post short because if I went into more detail about every single aspect of the game, you wouldn’t want to play it yourself. When someone tells you to check out a book or movie they like, you don’t want them to tell you everything about it, right? Same with video games.

Thanks for reading!

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