I've noticed that most people on Medium try to write "professional" articles either they think it's the best way to get better results or they believe they HAVE to follow some arbitrary level of professionalism. These articles usually don't end up being my favorites.

A couple of the reasons why I enjoy reading your articles are because your writing flows well and you're able to convey complex topics in a coherent and easy to understand manner.

My personal writing style is a bit similar. I aim to make every article easy to understand and every section of an article has a very clear focus. I avoid complex language and intricate thoughts in favor of making the reading experience quick and easy. I think many would look at my writing is something very far from "professionalism" and that's totally fine by me haha. I much prefer it that way than to some writers who kind of write the way they do for the sake of emulating something professional. I often find those articles end up not having a point or a clear takeaway. There might have been a clear message they were trying to get across to the reader when they started, but it got lost multiple paragraphs into their post. I'd like to see more people start their writing naturally and add more details later like you had suggested.

Anyways, this response ended up being way too long. Thanks for writing this, Jonathan. Interesting read :)

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