The work of art you’ll learn to truly appreciate and enjoy.

Nezuko Kamado as seen in Demon Slayer’s opening (Source: Ruetir)

It’s very understandable for many to skip on watching the openings to anime whether they want to avoid spoilers and/or they just want to immediately jump into an episode uninterrupted. However, you’ll end up missing out on a lot of good music, unique interactions with your favorite characters, and a lot of neat, little details that truly display a very impressive work of art!

What is an Anime Opening?

An anime opening is a minute and a half credits sequence often played at the beginning of an episode that highlights characters, shows hints of plot arc developments, and displays the names of the studio staff…

A cute, slow moving manga that will make you smile every chapter. Occasionally, makes you scream internally (of joy).

Volume 4 Cover (Source: Reddit)

I pretty much exclusively read manga that has romance or a lot of cute, fluffy moments. This manga has both, which is why I love it and I believe anyone who enjoys cute, wholesome characters who actually develop and get closer to each other will love reading it as well!

What is Kubo-san about?

It is a story that focuses on two high-school students, Junta Shirashi and Nagisa Kubo. Shirashi is a boy who lacks presence, which results in people not being able to notice…

Exploring Heart Gold and Soul Silver as a New Player

Heart Gold and Soul Silver box arts (Source: nintendolife)

One of the best things about games in the Pokemon series is that every game does a pretty good job of introducing you to the mechanics of catching Pokemon, battling, items, stats, etc. There really isn’t a *wrong* first game to start with, but Heart Gold/Soul Silver (HG/SS) has the most advantages in being beginner friendly and giving you the experience of the older titles.

Get to the point. Give me the rundown on all these Pokemon games.

At the time of writing this article, there are 8 generations of the mainline Pokemon series. If you’ve never played a Pokemon game before, there are multiple games in the same generation that have the…

Not only is it one of the most polished Kirby games, but it is one of the best SNES games out there.

Kirby Super Star box art (Source: MobyGames)

Why the heck am I suggesting a Kirby video game from the late 90s to random people on the internet? It’s simple. The game is really fun to play, has a lot of charm to it, and unlike some games from the same time period it has aged well. If you like Kirby games and haven’t played this one, you’re missing out. …

Camping has never looked so good before.

The main Yuru Camp cast (Source: TheCinemaholic)

To be 100% transparent, I don’t go out of my way to watch many slice of life shows unless they have some drama or romance element that’s really interesting. Yuru Camp has neither, so why the heck did I fall in love with this show and believe that you (the person reading this) will also love it?

What is Yuru Camp about?

Short answer: Cute girls doing cute things.
Long answer: Five high school girls go on solo and group winter camping trips and it’s cute and entertaining.

That was straightforward. What’s so good about the show?

A bunch of things.

The big draw to Yuru Camp…

15+ games in the series and somehow they’ve never produced something with anywhere near as much quality or enjoyment as the second game.

Mario Party 2 Box Art (Source: Super Mario Wiki)

For the record, I have played all of the console Mario Party games between 1 and 8 multiple times. I never really had interest playing 9, I never had a Wii U to play 10, and Super Mario Party didn’t look fun enough to warrant me purchasing it. I’ve played a couple of the handheld games, but to be honest they don’t deserve to get much attention.

What’s so good about Mario Party 2?

Mario Party 2 clears the checklist on a Good Mario…

You don’t even need to like basketball that much to enjoy what this show has to offer.

Source (gojinshi)

I enjoy watching basketball, but honestly I’ve never really bothered with learning player names, which teams are playing well each season, game stats, etc. I’m what many would call a fake fan, and that’s totally okay with me. But, I am a legit Kuroko fan and you can become one too.

What is Kuroko’s Basketball about?

Teikou Junior High’s basketball team had an outstanding roster of players that brought the team to win the championships throughout all three years of their attendance. Their play embarked fear in all…

Scratch the music itch you’ve had the last decade.

LiSA promotion picture for her 2021 Mini-Album LADYBUG (Source: Fandom)

What is there to listen to nowadays?

Being an early 2000s music fan in the last 10 years has been super depressing for almost all of us. There’s always new bands popping up, but they never seem to capture the same energy and lyrical themes from music we used to listen to. Pop is always technically “alive”, but you roll your eyes when you hear another song that’s basically about the singer breaking up with someone or the singer becoming their own person. Some lyrics in pop songs these days really don’t mean anything…

Up until around 2016…


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